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Camberley Enterprise Expo

Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley, GU15 3SY
Wednesday 13 Sep, 2017. 8:00am - 4:30pm

Free Seminars

Start: 08:00:00
End: 09:30:00

Surrey Heath Borough Council Breakfast Forum

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Karen Whelan, CEO Surrey Heath Borough Council and Michael Gove MP

Surrey Heath Borough Council’s breakfast forum, which is free to attend, will give you the opportunity to network and find out more about doing business in Surrey Heath.

Booking is essential if you wish to attend this event. It is very likely that registration will be closed prior to the event.

Start: 10:30:00
End: 10:55:00

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Jarmilla Yu

In today's changing and challenging business world, it is more important than ever that we make our sales and marketing investments work harder for us, and we put the customer at the centre of what we do. This session will share with you how to think differently to stand out in a crowded market: to maximise your sales and marketing investment so you get optimum business success. You'll also walk away with some tips you can action immediately, understanding how thinking differently and making some small changes to what you do today can make a big difference.

Start: 11:20:00
End: 11:45:00

Top Tips on how to get more from your Technology

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Steve Coburn

As technology marches forwards, many businesses miss out on the latest features – many of which are free, and just a click away.  In this presentation, Steve Coburn, MD of projectfive, will talk through some of the little features that you might have missed, that will make a big difference to how you use your computer(s) in business.  Everyone will come away having learned something new and useful from this presentation – plus you’ll have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.


Start: 12:10:00
End: 12:35:00

What if your Lead Generation was Predictable?

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Richard Woods

...that would make your sales predictable and with predictable sales comes guaranteed growth

Find out how you can systemise the lead generation in your business.

The trouble many entrepeneurs have is work coming in to their business sporadically. One month you will have too much work to handle, the next may feel like someone has just turned off the tap.

Trying to recruit, invest and grow when your business is unpredictable is a nightmare. The 'go-to' position is usually to err on the side of caution instead of growing with confidence.

This is why many businesses take so long to grow organically. It is just too risky to gear up a company that is not predictable.

Having a systemised predictable process for generating leads for your business is vital for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Start: 12:50:00
End: 13:15:00

How Social Media can Transform your Business

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Steve Doyle

How Social Media can Transform your Business

Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase from them.

Many of them do this by using social media to research a company’s products and services. Website visitors are ten times more likely to make a purchase if they are directed from social media.

If you are not using social media effectively you could be missing out on business opportunities you didn’t even know you had.

Yet still 47% of small businesses don’t use social media to promote their business.

Using the primary B2B networking site LinkedIn as an example, Steve will demonstrate some basic principles that will enhance your presence online and help you find, connect and engage with your online audience.

Start: 13:30:00
End: 13:55:00

Speaking in Public: Why 'Imagine they are naked' is terrible advice

Room: Seminar Theatre

Speaker: Cathy Richardson

It is said that the average person ranks the fear of speaking in front of others higher than the fear of death. You feel nervous. your palms sweat.your stomach ties itself into knots. You don't want to do it. But if you work in business, you have to! The truth is that feeling anxious or nervous about doing sales presentations or speaking about yourself and your business at networking events can seriously affect your ability to be successful.

In this practical and informative session, MasterCoach Cathy Richardson of SoapBox Coaching will give some practical advice and useful tips to:

  • Banish the fear of speaking in front of others
  • Utilise simple yoga-based techniques to deal with the physical effects of anxiety
  • Deliver your message with confidence.

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